Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nice discovery last week

Last week, my friend Joy and I went shopping.  We always make it an all day girls day out.  Our first stop was a little shop in Tempe (I think) that is called Tillie's Attic.  In there I found the cutest potted plants in those really cool pots.
When I got home I dug out this little rusty tub, filled the bottom with pebbles and put the plants in it.  I love this!  Rustic and country!  Perfect for my great room!

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1 comment:

CeCe said...

I had almost forgotten about Tillie's Attic. I almost had my first antique space there years ago. I waited though on an opening in Merchant Square, where you now are. I will have remind myself to visit Tillie's again when in the valley. The little pots look darling.
Judy, is your friend, Joy, the same Joy from Mystic Paper that loves cross stitch? If so, will you tell her hello for me? I used to follow her blog but she went Private and I did not get on the train before it left! Smile.
Also, thank you for your words of support.