Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Shopping at Sharon's

My friend Sharon was gracious enough to allow me to visit her "stash" again today. I will show you tomorrow what I bought. She hit an estate sale that had lots of items from a vintage bridal shop.

What I really want to share is a few pictures of Sharon's livestock! Meet April, a miniature horse and the unnamed calf that is April's buddy. They were fast friends after Sharon's husband purchased the calf and his mother. Sharon tells me April really likes the calf and sticks pretty close to him. Look at that face!! I think this calf is the cutest thing!
Here is mom. She is a jersey cow. Sharon's husband milks her twice a day and the calf nurses the rest of the time. They have to milk the cow otherwise the calf would be nursing all day and eventually make himself ill. Not good!
Here is April out in the "pasture" waiting for the calf to catch up with her. Sharon and her husband have a huge corner lot and there is plenty of room for the cow, calf and April.
I had a good time visiting with Sharon as well as rummaging through all her great finds of last week. Wait til you see the vintage dresses I bought. They are bridesmaids dresses, but they are so 60's! They will be in my booth next week at really reasonable prices. They would make great prom dresses. The dresses need only a cleaning and perhaps making them shorter for today's style. Very retro!


Nancy Maxwell James said...

they are just darling...makes me want to take one home! :) trouble is...where would I put him/her?? :)

Cynthia K. said...

Oh, they are so pretty. Jersey cows are always the best looking of any breed of cows. And I've always thought calves were just the cutes thing. That face is just too sweet and precious - want to hug her!!! And she needs a name!

I know someone who has several miniature horses and they are amazingly cute. Just big horses miniaturized.

Thanks for showing us these...

Cynthia K.