Saturday, December 26, 2009

A mention in the newest Somerset Studio

The latest issue of Somerset Studio is out. I just received mine. On the cover is the fat book collaboration I participated in with Dede Warren, Sue McPherson, Milli Wagoner and Debbi Greenlee earlier this year. It was decided to go with the "aubergine" call that Somerset Studio had put out. The article "Unexpected Connections" (pgs. 34-36) was written by Dede and tells all about the collaboration. We were all mentioned in the article but not all the pages were photographed. I will, however, correct that omission and feature all the inside pages of the collaboration on my blog. Dede assembled the fat books once our pages were sent to her and then she submitted a copy to Somerset Studio. AND, they picked it up for publication! Dede did a lot of work: writing the article, the assembly and submitting it. Thank you, Dede!

Here is the cover of my finished fat book. It came with the picture, one white feather, the pink spray and the white roses. I finished the rest once the completed book was returned to me.
I added a lot of things to complete my cover. I especially like the heavy fringe trim on the bottom of the book. It was a piece I had that just went perfectly with the aubergine theme. You can also see some pink rhinestones that I put on the trim under the picture. Just added a bit of sparkle to the cover.

I'm glad I did this because it was fun! My first collaboration.Thanks again to Dede Warren, Sue McPherson, Milli Wagoner, Debbi Greenlee and Ada Pringle. I will feature all the pages from my book in a few days. Stay tuned!

You can check out their blogs or photos here:
Millie Wagoner
Sue McPherson
Ada Pringle -- the last two do not have blogs or Flickr accounts

I really hope to do this again, and soon!


Pallas said...

Contratulations! I will look for this magazine issue the next time I go to Barnes & Noble. Your fat book is beautiful!

CeCe said...

Looks beautiful and know you deserve the recognition! Plan to buy the magazine to read all about it!!!!

House of Hullabaloo said...

dAMN! I let my subscription expire! I'm buying it again but meanwhile will have to purchase that one. I love YOUR cover!

Dede Warren said...

I LOVe what you've added to the cover Judy!!! It's one of the most fun ways to play I can think of... to simply start a piece and see how others alter and tweek it. You're is beautiful and I'm so glad we could work on this together with the other gals! I love your idea of sharing everyone's pages on your blog!

Me! said...

Oh Judy . . . your cover is brilliant! I'm sending mine to you for an overhaul. I'm just not contented with it. I'm anxious to see all of your photos! I will definitely check back tomorrow!
I have to tell you . . . the minute that I told my whole world that we were going to be published, I had this terrible feeling that my submission wasn't going to be. Then I had the dreams . . . yes, "The Dreams". . . a few of them, and I just knew mine wasn't . . . ah, well. . . such is life.

Still, it's exciting! I'll definitely check back tomorrow to see the photos that you're putting up! I don't expect to have the time to work on mine this week.

I love the book, and everyone's hard work. This is such a fun project! I'm so glad we were all part of it!
~ Debbi Greenlee