Thursday, November 12, 2009

Books to alter

While doing some thrift store shopping late last week, I came across these old books. They were not priced. I had to wait until earlier this week to find out how much they wanted for either individual books or the whole set. They are all printed in German -- that lovely German font. They date from the late 1860's through the late 1890's. As you can see, they are in very poor shape. Most of the covers are loose or not attached to the spine anymore.This picture shows the covers as well as the inside. The book on the bottom right is the only one that has the mottled cover. The rest all have the same cover as the one on the bottom left. I think they are connected to the Lutheran church -- missals or some kind of teaching tool. I don't know. Can't read German and the thrift shop employees didn't know either.
Most look like this one with the browned edges and spots. A couple of the books are still in their original condition -- white pages with no stains or foxing.
This is the inside of the book with the mottled cover. As you can see, it is not in very good condition. Due their age and condition, they are not worth anything. I see altered book projects.

I see a reliquary of some kind. I have wanted to do an altered book that has a niche cut out of the pages where sacred artifacts/relics could be placed. That is a reliquary. Look it up. And, check out Judy Wilkenfeld's blog, Visual Anthologies. I am sorry now that I didn't have the money to attend one of her workshops earlier this year that Dede Warren hosted. Should have gone. Won't miss that again if Judy returns to the US.


Sarah said...

What a find! Will be interesting to see a finished creation using your new treasures.

Dede Warren said...

Beautiful books Judy! And yes they will be wonderful, and yes again! You must come next time Miss Wilkenfeld is stateside.

Robin said...

Those books are unbelieveably beautiful. There is just something visually appealing about German text. Can't wait to see what you do with them!

CeCe said...

I, too, absolutely love the creations of Judy Wilkenfeld. Her items are so lovely they are spell binding and make me think I could never capture the spell. Someday--someday--someday, I, too, just might be lucky enough to take a class from her. You will have to save a book to use after her class!!!

Judy said...

Thanks for your lovely comment, I feel very humbled by it and i am so glad you enjoy my book art.Your find is wonderful and hope to see some amazing reliquaries from you. xo