Monday, October 12, 2009

Flea market finds on Saturday

Here are a few of the wonderful things I found this weekend at Merchant Square's flea market. My friend, Kim, of Sweet Sage Vintage had a booth there and I picked up a lot of yummy things from her. The wicker basket/tray with a cute oval mirror, a shabby frame, the little lamp bottom with the dried roses, and the old shabby lamp base. Wonderful things! Thanks, Kim!

I think the old silver pedestal bowl and treat tray are wonderful! I plan to fill the top bowl with glass knobs and a glass handle to sell. I think I may have some more glass knobs around somewhere. The search goes on!

The shabby, plain white frame with glass, floral plate and the glass cloche (which fit the old lamp base perfectly!!) are from my stash. I am cleaning out! Been out in the garage all morning sorting, cleaning, and tossing out. Feels good! AND, it is actually cool and wonderful out in the garage these days!
This little doll or baby dress was another find. And the shoes are a perfect addition to this outfit! I have had the small wire dress form for some time. Perfect little vignette! This little dress reminds me of the ones JoAnna Pierotti uses in her Moss Hill Studio Workshops. I have signed up for the little dresses workshop and have already learned a lot of new techniques!
I loved these large storage boxes!! Great colors and very romantic. BUT, one was missing a bow. Hmm! Back home to the stash and you can see the new box cover below! Flowers were found in Kim's booth.
I also picked up a lot of vintage jewelry and other items that fit the shabby chic theme of my booth. I will be working in my booth later this week to redo it and fluff it up after the sale of last weekend -- in fact, the sale runs through today. It is time for a "rework" of that booth. All of the items seen here will be in my booth by next week after I have had a chance to move furniture around and redo it.


Sweet Sage said...

So nice to see you, Judy!
Enjoy all your fun finds.
Love how those boxes turned out :)
And, yes, this weather is too YuMMy..!

Cynthia K. said...

I've got to copy your idea on the box missing one bow -- I have the same exact situtation and now I see another way to fix it - thanks! I do so love the cloche with the old base. Sigh....

Cynthia K.