Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pretty Quilt -- another Payson find

I found this pretty quilt at a small collectibles shop in Payson. Gail and I weren't going to go in there, but it turned out to be a good thing for both of us. Gail found a styrofoam head that was already painted with a lady's face and hair and I found this quilt/coverlet. The quilt is new and hand sewn. I loved the colors and the trim. Perfect for my bedroom. Perfect to curl up under when the weather finally cools off! I can't wait!
See the two pictures on either side of the bed? The one on the left is my maternal grandmother. The one on the right is my mother. I love both of those pictures!


Paris Cowgirl said...

So pretty! I just love your house.

Nancy Maxwell James said...

oh I just love your quilt..and your room! gorgeous! :)

Catharina Maria said...

A beautiful room with sweet colors and a very lovely quilt !
Love Rini The Netherlands