Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tonto Natural Bridge Hike

On Saturday Gail and I hiked to Tonto Natural Bridge north of Payson. This is the first glimpse you get of the mouth of the cave. Water has been at work on this for a long time.
We hiked down to the stream bottom. This is the first look at the bridge from the other side. See the observation walk above it?This is the stream bed at the bottom. It is so tranquil and green.
Here is a picture of the bridge itself. It took water a long time to carve this out. This is at the opposite side of the first picture looking through the bridge.
All the moss you see above was created by this pretty water fall from the top of the bridge. I had to really lean back in order to get this picture.
The hike out from the river bottom was pretty strenuous! Thank goodness I spend time at the health club regularly! Not sore at all from the hike. Just out of breath because of the altitude!

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