Sunday, August 23, 2009

My weekend with my VBFF#1

My friend Gail (VBFF#1) invited me up to Payson to spend a few days in the cooler air of The Rim Country. Gail and her hubby have parked their RV up there for the summer months. I must say it was cooler, and we had a ball shopping. More on our adventures as the week progresses as well as pics of my finds.
On Friday, after spending the entire morning at yard sales, thrift stores, antique shops and having breakfast in Strawberry, we ventured to the Mogollon Rim to spend some time at Woods Canyon Lake. However, as we drove up there the clouds built up quickly to very black and once we made the turn off, we were pounded by rain (some of it "chunky") and by the time we reached the lake it was a downpour! Lightning flashing close by and thunder pounded! This is the view from the car. The temperature in Payson when we left was 98 degrees. The temperature at Woods Canyon Lake was 54 degrees! A 44 degree drop in a half hour drive and about 2000 feet more in altitude.
This is the boat launch and you can see the rain running off into the lake and that it is pouring!
Another view of the lake through the window. There was even a boater out there making his way back to the marina to get out of this storm!

We didn't stay there long. But it is a beautiful lake. I had never been there. Next time I visit Gail in Payson, we plan go again. We have planned to take a picnic lunch spend some relaxing time by this pretty lake.

Arizona has most everything -- except a beach on an ocean!


Paris Cowgirl said...

I've been wondering where you've been you lucky girl you!

JWood said...
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JWood said...

we LOVE woods canyon lake, we do little mini hikes and watch the summer storms roll in... glad you found your way back...

Sherry Goodloe said...

This post took me back over 40 years to Idlewild Lake in Michigan! We have what the family called "The summer home" there on the lake, and I would go every summer when school was out with my grandparents. Oooooh how I loved those summers at the lake. Those were the good ole days *insert sigh*