Saturday, August 8, 2009

Art Unraveled 2009 finds

I went to the Shopping Extravaganza hosted by Art Unraveled 2009 today. Fun!!! Found lots of goodies to incorporation in future work. Tricia of Vintage Bliss had lots and lots of pretty things for the shabby chic look. Tricia had been shopping and sorting things for a long time. Her booth looked great! These are actually upholstery tacks that look like snaps for jeans. I love these! Check out her blog here.
These pretties were found in the main entry. The turquoise crosses are from Objects & Elements and the ribbon flowers are from Creative Quest which is here in Glendale, AZ.
Sacred Heart Art had these goodies for sale. Lovely images of sacred art plus the great rusty crown (which weighs a ton!), the rusty doo-dads, and the Mary holy water font (?). Pretty! Also had wood shrines with doors for you to decorate (I didn't buy one -- have a stash already). Great for my upcoming Altars and Shrines camp with KC Willis.
All this is from Hannah Grey Curiosities. Fab findings!!! Shells, beads, turquoise bits, empty cartridge cases, skull beads, lockets, and a pretty cutter quilt piece.
Flatwood Folk Art had these small antique photo album pages. I would have liked more, but these were the last two they had. I have old album pages, but they are large. I liked this small size here. Also, brown dominoes. I know they make these, but I hadn't seen any like these. Nice folks at this booth! They were from Roanoke, VA! Us Virginian's had a nice visit!

Saw a lot of friends! Jack and Cat (Mike and Leslie), Maija Lapore, Becky Bunn, Shirley of Artsy Fartsy, Tricia of Vintage Bliss, Billie (Chia's friend), and several others whose names escaped me but I recognized them!! This was worth the trip!


Sherry Goodloe said...

Nice . . . very nice :)

Robin said...

You found some really neat goodies....wish I was in AZ!

jjjoysmith said...

What a GREAT day you had! WOW! I'm jealous.....but excited for you!.....maybe next year I'll be there and we can go 'on the hunt' together!

BoneFolder said...

Hey! I remember ringing up that order! It was a unique combination of stuff...

--Mike Jennings
--Hannah Grey

Dede Warren said...

You came away with great stuff Judy! Love it all.