Friday, June 5, 2009

Lucketts, Virginia

This antique faire was going on across the street from the Lucketts General Store. Mouth-watering goodies to be had here! I didn't eat any of it, but that crabcake sandwich sure sounded good! Funnel cakes!!! I miss those! Used to have them at every antique show I went to when I lived in Virginia.
This is the community center in the tiny town of Lucketts, just north of Leesburg, VA, about 7 miles. It is well maintained. That's what I like about Northern Virginia.
What I couldn't get over was all the old furniture, antique as well as shabby chic! Wished I had a truck and unlimited funds to shop this faire! We can't find that kind of furniture here in Arizona. I was green with envy!!!
Another pic of one of the aisles at the faire. Again, note all the furniture. There were few "smalls" available. Most of those were used as decoration.


Paris Cowgirl said...

Can you say "Road Trip"...I could only wish!

Judy said...

Road trip would be great! There is a lot of great things back east.