Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's 2009!

Well, today is going to be spent quietly at home. My son goes to work in about a half hour and will be gone all day. Here are pics of the items I picked up thrift store shopping last Tuesday. It turned out to be a pretty good shopping spree -- spent less than $30, got scrapping goodies as well as things for my booth at Merchant Square. These colorful rolls of crepe paper were found in bags along the walls. I search those first and have found some wonderful items in those bags! Of course, you do get other "stuff" in those bags that you probably won't want. But, hey! Return them to the thrift store (I shop Goodwill), get a receipt and a 20% off coupon on your next shopping trip. Works for me!
These tiny little ornaments were in a bag. Some were broken, but a drop or two of glue fixed that and they are ready to go! They are tiny. Probably no more than an inch long for the small ones.
Girly stuff!! Love the pillows -- one is white eyelet that needed a bit of mending (already done) and the other has pretty roses embroidered on the front. That pink teddy bear is really soft and in perfect condition! The pink boots are so cool! Too bad that one of the toes is missing the metal piece. And that little girl's pink hat! Ready for spring or Easter??
Those two square cups are so cute -- pink and aqua. Couldn't find saucers, but that's OK. Lots of people buy my "orphan" cups for tea parties and then let guests have the cup as a gift.

LOVE this shell!! It is so pink in the middle! Once I wash it up it will go in my bathroom.

I don't love froggies, but lots of people do! These are too cute. Another find in a bag on the wall. One had it's feet broken off but the pieces were in the bag so I glued them back on.

Now, I discovered a couple of new places to visit and perhaps shop while I was reading blogs. The first is Retro Cafe Art Gallery. This website has great stuff if you are an altered art, mixed media and/or collage artist. There is a wide variety of collage sheets, doll parts, rusty stuff, shrines, stencils, vintage finds, etc. The link above will take you there and I will add one under Links to Explore to the right of my blog.

For those of us who love bling and all things girlie, please take a look at Cupids Charm - Notes from a Charmed Life. Joy left a comment on my blog and so I visited hers. Be sure to check out the shoes she got for Christmas! Way cool! She loves Marie Antoinette and French things. Her gifts revolved around that. I loved reading her blog!

Also discovered was "Follow this Blog" which Blogger has created for us. Check it out on the right. All you have to do is click on it and add your name as a follower of my blog.

Explore a little! Read more blogs! Enjoy!


Sherry Goodloe said...

Oooh, I do hope you visit and shop at Retro Cafe Art! Kristin is a wonderful person (and not just because she lives in my hometown of Indianapolis!). Kristin has wonderful products.

Happy New Year from your one (so far) follower *smiles*! Sherry

Sherry Goodloe said...

I just thought about what I wrote . . . Indianapolis is still my hometown even if I left there over 30 years ago, correct???

Judy said...

Looks like you got some really neat stuff. Happy New Year!