Friday, December 26, 2008

Rose D'Amour Book

The Rose D'Amour Book that was published in the latest issue of Sew Somerset arrived back in my mailbox today. I promised to take picture of it for you and put them on the blog. So here goes:

Rose D'Amour was actually the name of the fabric. It was printed on the salvage edge of the piece of vintage fabric, so that is how I arrived at the name for the book. I cut out the flowers from the fabric.
This was such fun to do! Cutting out the various flowers freeform and then sewing them to the prepped canvas paper page. They make great pockets for tags and cards!
This picture shows a plastic pocket that came from a daily planner that was my DDH's. I cut up a page that would be for business cards. The smaller size was perfect for a small pocket and I really liked that you can see what is in the pocket.
This pocket is made from tulle. It, too, is transparent and you can see the contents of the pocket. Also, this picture shows you the tab details at the left. The tiny bottle is full of lavender.


Sherry Goodloe said...

Oh Judy, this is a beautiful book. It incorporates some of my favorite things - roses and birds. Love the sheer netting you used as well. Nice job there . . . very nice *smiles*.

Yitte said...

Òh... this is a gorgous book. Love the pocket from tule and the beautiful roses. Great work!!

Judy said...

Thank you, ladies! I had fun creating this book. I just had an inspiration from a publication and I ran with it. Couldn't stop until it was finished. I felt it was a real creative effort.

Sweet Sage said...

I love this book .. so inspiring!
And I LOVE your new blog background!
Hope all is well :)

dede warren said...

Beautiful book, I'll look for it in Sew Somerset. Congrats!!