Sunday, November 23, 2008

Birds and Botanicals altered book is finished

I began this altered book several months ago. After working on it for a couple of days, I was tired of it and put it in a big envelope and let it sit for awhile. Today I took it out and looked at it again and decided that it was nearly finished. So I worked on it today to get it finished. Here it is:The cover is an page from an old photo album I bought that was falling apart. The bird picture is actually a piece of wallpaper.
Here is Joy's relative that you saw a while back. I imagined that this was her botanical book and she put it together with just what she could find. There is a "certificate of merit" just under her picture and I like to think that her teacher liked her book and gave her the certificate for doing such a fine job. There are tags and journaling papers on the other page for her to fill out with her notes while she collected her botanicals.
More tags in pockets and more journaling space. Also a "bird" word card.
Here I made a pocket out of stiff interfacing and put a pretty postcard in it with butterflies.
Here is a birdnest that perhaps she could have sketched or collected. There is a bird tag tucked in the back of the nest. The birds on the other page are mounted on a piece of wall paper that was folded in half and sewn together. The tiny tag on the left holds (perhaps) a feather from one of those birds.
Here is a picture of her best friend who helped her collect the things for the botanicals book: butterflies, bird's eggs, flowers, etc.
More favorite things: fabric flowers, pictures of birds, a game card with an envelope that has a tag with feathers on it.
The back side of the game card has my favorite twig chair stamp and a bird attached. The opposite page has some of that wonderful woven paper that I threaded ribbon through so it could hold tags.
These are the last two pages with shells, a bug, and a wonderful bird cage. I used a lot of the Graphics 45 papers, vintage papers, some things by Catherine Moore (the bird cage and the twig chair stamp), heavy paper to paint on with acrylics matching the colors in the papers. It was a lengthy project. Glad I put it away for awhile and then took it out again. The "rest" from it gave me the boost to finish it today.

Done! I think this may be a submission.


Susan said...

These two books you've just posted are both wonderful! I love the vintagey look and all the little details.
PS - Great minds think alike - I have the same background on my blog!

Joy said...

That is ONE FANTASTIC BOOK!!! A lot of work, but well worth it!

JWood said...

i love your little details in the book, nice job

seth said...

Extraordinary book. So glad you took it out of the envelope!