Friday, September 26, 2008

My week

I guess you could say that this sketch depicts my feelings this week. I seem to be drawn to the TV or radio to listen to the latest bad news. As a result, MY HAIR IS ON FIRE! I am mad, mad, mad!! Nothing I can do about any of it! So I drew this sketch and felt better. I have also turned off the TV and radio programs that are nothing but media hype and bad news. I went shopping and bought two new magazines to look at to take my mind off of the mess that is out there. You will find me on the couch enjoying music and quiet reading this afternoon. My hair should quit burning soon!!

Yesterday I spent part of the day with my artsy, good friend, Joy. Don't you love that name? I do! I was helping her pull together a large collage that she has wanted to do for a long time. It is for her kitchen. Her house is all western!! I love to be in her house! The collage she is doing is western. Should be lovely when she is done.

Joy graciously allowed me to bring home this old family photo of hers to scan in. I just fell in love with this little girl immediately.
She is a relative of Joy's, but she doesn't know who it is. No identification is on the back of the photo. The little kitten is particularly cute, don't you think? I would date this picture at mid to late 1800's. I have seen similar dress styles on little girl pictures that date to just after the Civil War.See what I mean? These two old vintage photos are post Civil War era, but not late 1800's. The dresses in the photo on the left look a lot like the little girl with the kitten. That photo is actually dated 1865 and has a "U.S. Inter. Rev." tax stamp on it. Those stamps were only issued during the Civil War to prove that a tax was paid on an item, like that photo. The little girl in the right photo is dated 1867. Thanks, Joy, for sharing the photo with me.


Judy said...

I agree with you...the news is terrible these days. I am avoiding watching the news on TV these days.

I also love the name Joy....that's our oldest daughter's name.

Paris Cowgirl said...

Well Judy, I have been wondering where you have been. Not like you to not post for several days! May the fires ease at your house, because they certainly won't at mine. DAM's bank was Washington Mutual and she hasn't shut up since their announcement!

The Blonde Duck said...

Hope you have a better week!

M said...

Well drawn! My sentiments exactly. If I'd had another baby, I wanted to name her Esperanza-Hope in Spanish.

Mike's class last night was a welcome distraction. I'll post pics later. Enjoy your Sunday!