Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cool background technique

This weekend is the long Labor Day weekend. My plans were to finish several projects and see what else I could come up with. Here is what transpired yesterday.

I tried this technique out yesterday. It is one that is described in Bernie Berlin's book "Artist Trading Card Workshop". Great book for techniques! Mystic Paper has copies of this book in stock!
I followed the great directions and this is how it turned out! Actually, the picture doesn't do this justice. I used Lumiere metallic paints for parts of this and they are beautiful in person. Give it a rich color and texture. It started out as an accordian book for a Halloween project, but now I am not so sure that is what the final book will be. Will have to think about this and try out different things with it. However, I am going to do another accordian piece and make it more for Halloween (actually I wanted to put "more Halloweenie", but thought that was too silly!).

Special shout out to Chia! In her blog she has often shown us pictures of her ATC's using the techniques described in Bernie's book. Made me hunt my copy up and try out something new. Thanks, Chia!!


Chia said...

Hi Judy,
This looks beautiful! I'm glad to hear that my blog posts have helped to inspire you. Bernie's book is a real treasure, isn't it? I didn't realize just how much was packed into it until I started working my way from cover to cover. It just doesn't end!

Paris Cowgirl said...

Ohhhh, do I see another technique tag book on the way?

Judy said...

Probably! I want to try some other techniques as well. Stay tuned!

CeCe said...

Looks like I might need yet another book!

Julie B. said...

When I did that project from Bernie's book, I found Palette hybrid ink pads worked beautifully on the black cardstock. The colors were so vivid and rich. I sure wish my favorite paper arts store would carry them...(hint, hint!).