Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Concentration! Do I think I am ADD?? Yep!!

I am up! The trash is out! Had plenty of coffee -- hot and iced! Now what?? Don't have a plan yet, but my mind is full of things that need to be done and things I want to do. Can't settle on any one thing yet! Perhaps I am ADD!?

Thoughts enter my mind and leave with equal speed! I need to write stuff down!! Where is the sketch book?? Where is the note pad?? Why can't I get up from the couch to find them and write stuff down??

Now I am reading blogs! Again, thoughts are going in and out of my head! Where is that sketch book?? I need to find it and get things in it! Oh! Here it is!! Under a pile of books and computer print outs!!!

Going to do a make-and-take later this week! What to do?? Glimmermist is the demo part but what to add to the tag?? Don't like any of these particularly! Think! What else??ATC's are due this week!! By the Sea is the theme! Lots of ideas are swirling in my head! Where do I begin??
Wait! I really want to work on the Bingo card swap that is scheduled for September at Mystic Paper!! No, these don't need to be done now with so much else to do FIRST!!! Drat!!ADD!! I do have attention deficit!! Can't seem to stick to one thing today!! I know!! I am going to go into the "studio area" and just pick up something and start!

No wait!! I need to get into the garage while it is cooler and work on some things for my booth at Merchant Square! No wait! It is too hot out there, I know!! Back into the "studio area" where it is nice and cool! I have to decide where to start! Will let you know how the rest of the day goes! Too much coffee you say?? Don't think so! Just the normal amount and it is the "half caf" stuff!!


Paris Cowgirl said...

Can you give me just a little bit of that energy? I may just have to take up coffee again!

Judy said...

I would, except you may find it hard to concentrate on one thing! Today is really bad! Don't know what is up with the super-electric brain!

M said...

From your comments, I think I was part of the distraction. Oops, Sorry!
I wasn't thinking of doing the by the sea swap but I'm going to go dig up my history of the bathing suit book. Maybe I'll be inspired Or maybe I'll just go to sleep. I finally hit the wall after AU.

CeCe said...

Seems my mind is all too often in this state of question mode be it from coffee, pop or water!!!