Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Annie Oakley beeswax collage

Last Saturday I was asked to assist with Mike Putman's beeswax collage class. He asked for help because it was a large class and I am familiar with his techniques so I could help others. The class was a success!!
Here you see Mike demonstrating one of his techniques for Marija, Cece and Debi during the class. If you read Mystic Paper's blog you will find out that Marija came all the way from Bosnia and took this class with Cece not too many hours after getting off the plane. It was fun to get acquainted with Marija and ask her questions about scrapbooking and art classes in her country. Check out Cece's blog for more pictures of the class and final pieces.
I have added a few more things to my final collage and am quite happy with it.

Note the hole in the middle of the 5 of clubs! Annie was a sure shot! Also note the gold star on Annie's hat. That was her lucky star and she wore it all the time.Admission ticket and tag for Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show featuring Annie Oakley!This corner of the collage has an ad for Gunsmiths Approved Shooting Irons. I thought that appropriate for Annie Oakley.

I didn't blog over the weekend because Blogger was somehow reading my blog as spam and wouldn't let me open it. However, the problem was fixed by Sunday. I have no excuse for not blogging before now!! Sorry!!


Joy said...

Judy....love, love, love the Annie Oakley beeswax collage. Wish I'd been there for the class. I tried to read your blog over the weekend and couldn't get in to read it. Glad it wasn't ME! lol If I'm ever home long enough to try it, I think 'collaging' might be 'my thing'.

Judy said...

Your collage is fantastic!!!!!

Lindsey Michaelree said...

Your college looks great! You are becoming quite a beeswax pro. Looks amazing!

Deb said...

Of course you must realize I am a sucker for Annie Oakley and I love your beeswax collage! Great work!


Paris Cowgirl said...

I love the finished project! Of course when don't I love your art work? I think we need to reschedule the Annie Oakley class. I need some cowgirl art to go with the cowboy living room!