Thursday, June 19, 2008

In the works . .

Too darn hot outside to do much! So I am being very productive indoors! I am finishing projects that were laid aside. Back to ATC's -- haven't done those in quite a while. Perusing new magazines received this week. Actually, I think I like being holed up here out of the heat and getting back to work in the kitchen area I call a studio! This is my June ATC for the Mystic Paper drop-off swap. The theme this month was "bugs" -- which covers a lot of things! I used Glimmermist on the background, a favorite stamp and then dug out two sets of butterfly rubons. Then the jewels! Ah! Welcome butterfly!
Dug out from under a pile of papers and stuff the Gypsy Soul cloth book. You remember the book? I had the picture posted for weeks, but had not gotten back to the book to finish it. I did this fabric collage yesterday and added it. Also have added other goodies to the pages I felt needed a punch. Will share those later.
This arrived yesterday. Didn't even open it until this morning. This is the first time in months that I have been inspired by projects seen in here. I had felt that Somerset Studio had taken off in a direction that I am not inspired to go -- too much "over the top" for my taste. That changed with this issue. Pick it up! Sit down with it. Read the articles. Examine the artwork closely. It is a wealth of inspiration! Can you see my yellow stickies on the right? Inspiration!! And I am not even half way through! Oooh! Can't wait to get started today!

But first, exercise at the health club. Will do that after posting this.

The weight is slowly coming off. Lost another pound this week so it is officially 10 pounds gone. Good riddance! Clothes fit better, but am not able to get into the next smaller size yet. Soon!

Tim Russert -- what a loss! I always made time on Sunday mornings to watch Meet the Press. Loved the way Tim pinned guests down; loved the good discussion even if I was talking back to the guests and telling them what I thought of their comments (in some cases, blather!); loved that we always got to hear both sides of an issue; loved Tim because he seemed like such a nice man. I don't think Meet the Press will be the same. I mourn the passing of Tim Russert. God bless you, Tim.


Paris Cowgirl said...

Way to go Judy! I wish I had a health club right here in our neighborhood to go to. And, I wish you lived in the hood to go walking with me! I'm with you about Tim Russert. He could make some people squirm in their seats, in a nice way!

CeCe said...

Judy, love the page you added to the book. Want to get Sommerset Studios now. Like you, it has not been my favorite of late. And Tim Russert---blessings.

Her Vintage Stage said...

Oh, you know I'm interested in the gypsy soul. My own gypsy book always in progress, needs attention. You always inspire me. Great going on the healthy livivg. Sandy.

JWood said...

Judy ~ I really like your glimmer mist summer collage, it's very nice on line, and really quite wonderful to see in person at Mystic Paper : ) Nice work!