Sunday, June 8, 2008


Exercise -- necessary for me because I am overweight and have high cholesterol. I try to walk most mornings outside because I love being outdoors instead of in the health club. But as the weather warms, the mornings will no longer be cool, so I will be forced to go to the health club for exercise. But, until then, I walk outside.

I am pleased that I have dropped almost 10 pounds and now that I am on this "roll" I will keep it up. The doctor told me I won't have to take any cholesterol medication if I continue to lose weight, exercise and eat right. Well, since I don't want (actually I'm nearly violently opposed!!) to taking a medication that may, in the long run, create other problems, I will keep on this path. I've got to lose this weight.

This morning the camera went with me on my walk. There are so many pretty flowering shrubs and cactus that I wanted to share those with you.

Often I see some of the small creatures that are here in this neighborhood. This morning I saw a tiny cottontail eating a tender shrub in someone's yard. Couldn't capture him because he was too quick. The other morning I saw a mother quail followed by a LOT (15-20) of tiny baby quail that looked like large brown pompoms on legs scurrying behind her.

I don't know the names of most of these shrubs. But I do know that the purple bush here is sage. It is so pretty when it blooms! The other pink flowers above are oleander, I think -- not really sure. The last one is a cactus that has huge flowers. Those white flowers must be 6 inches across.

Well, I am off to get on with my day. Got a lot of "catch up" things to do today before it gets so hot outside that I don't want to be out there. That is my best excuse to stay indoors and work on projects that are nearly finished. IT'S A DRY HEAT!!

Got new ATC's to share with you soon. The next drop-off swap at Mystic Paper is on June 20th and the theme is "bugs". That encompasses a lot of possible things to use on an ATC.


Joy said...

Beautiful flowers.....and most people think all we have in AZ is cactus! Can't wait to see your latest ATC'S.

JWood said...

I also prefer to walk outside, but when the weather gets too hot (or too cold, brrr) I rely on a treadmill, getting up early tomorrow morning to 'restart' after feeling ill for a few weeks. Thanks for sharing a little piece of your day with us!