Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cleaning up and out!

My son (the one who was so sick last month) will be moving in with me until he can find a job here in Arizona. Long story, but just know that I am quite happy that he will be here with me.

I have spent several hours this morning cleaning up and cleaning out the spare room. I have emptied shelves, drawers and clothes hanging space in the closet. You need to understand, however, that the closet is filled with shelves, drawers, and limited clothes space that was created by a closet designing outfit. Part of my huge stash is in there. It is also my sewing room and pricing area for the things for Merchant Square.

Thought you might like to see the earrings I found in there today and the card I made for them. They will be on sale at Merchant Square today. I am taking them and a lot of other great finds (in the spare room) to the Square this afternoon.Got this display idea from the trunk show at The Paper Studio last evening. I met Kim there and we looked at the jewelry and art pieces created by DJ Pettitt and Deryn Mentock. They are doing a seminar at The Paper Studio this weekend.
I bought this small handmade book by DJ Pettitt. I just love the face on the cover and the saying she wrote. I would recognize her art work anywhere. She is often published in Somerset Studio. Thanks, DJ!


Jack & Cat said...

I missed you guys last night. I remembered I was going to meet you both. We will talk about it later. Glad to see that you went.

JWood said...

love the book and fun ideas judy!

Chia said...

I must say that you have the greatest collection of stuff tucked away in your house! I always love seeing what you are doing with it.

I hope everything goes well for your son. I know it will be a comfort for you to have him close for a while. Once a mom, always a mom :)

Paris Cowgirl said...

What a fun Friday and Saturday we had! The trunk show at Paper Studio was great. Lots of fun ideas. And Saturday's make-n-take with Mike P., what a blast. You will forever be Judge Judy to me! Your son is so fortunate to have you. We should never dread a child coming home when it is for the right reasons, and he definitely has his reasons well thought out! Hugs!

CeCe said...

Know you like to keep your blog about your art but sure would be fun to have you spin your story along with your art. Am wishing your son the best in finding a job in AZ. I assume he is all better now and looking forward to this new chapter in his life.

Arcadia Living said...

Love the cute card for your earring display! You might want to mention what kind of job your son is looking for - you never know who may see your blog and make a connection.