Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ATC's and cards

The Mystic Paper drop-off ATC swap was a big success! There were 15 sets of cards that were traded. And they all were terrific! If you would like to see all of them, Mystic Paper keeps a binder full of the traded ATC's.

Here are the cards that I received this month.
Yesterday was also my monthly card making class with the Stampin' Up dealer in my area. I take these classes to meet other ladies who enjoy this kind of work and also (are you ready for this?) to catch up on the latest "goin's on" in this community where I live. Lots of stories! In fact, one lady had just returned from a 73 day cruise (way too long for my taste!) to Africa! She had this wonderful picture book full of photos that she had taken on the trip. She somehow managed to send all the photos by computer to somewhere (??) and they put together the book for her of page after page of her wonderful photos (just printed pages, no actual photos on the pages like a scrapbook) and mailed it to her shortly after she arrived home. Didn't know that was even possible!Anyway, here are the three cards we made yesterday. I really like the mouse card! The white cardstock is actually punched out and the yellow cardstock is behind it. Looks like cheese!

P.S. to Judy W. Your first ATC was great! Good job!! Keep them coming!!


JWood said...

Thanks Judy, I liked the anticipation and excitement of the live swap, but there were only 3-4 people left doing those, so I decided it was time to JUMP IN for the drop off swap, I really enjoyed the theme, I'm sure I'll be doing more drop offs : )

Joy said...

Judy.....love the cards you made yesterday. Sorry I missed that class. If I hadn't been taking those classes.....I would have never met YOU.....a loss for me, for sure! Great ATC's.....I might have to 'get into' that........if I can stay home long enough. LOL

Lindsey Michaelree said...

Great ATC's and I love the cards. I really would like to start doing ATC's, just a little intimidated I guess.