Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I've got to stop shopping!

I went to Gold Canyon to visit a dear friend yesterday. She wanted me to see the landscaping and interior painting she had done recently. We went to lunch after the house and garden tour. Then decided to check out a thrift store in East Mesa. Three hours later we emerged with loaded shopping carts!! What a ball we had!! Then we had a lovely dinner at a golf club in Gold Canyon. Nice day!!

The obelisk was a find on Sunday. I was going to post this yesterday, but was shopping! The cute white chair was a find in Kim's booth at the flea market two weeks ago.
Here are the finds of yesterday. A great decorator book which I will read first and then sell at Merchant Square. Most of all I wanted you to see the covers on these old Readers' Digest condensed novel books. These have the loveliest covers -- front and back! They will make great covers on altered books!! These kinds of covers show up on the late 1950's to early 1960's digests. The spiral book on the bottom left I am going to decorate and sell.
This dress is just too stinkin' cute! I have a following of teenage girls at Merchant Square who regularly come in and buy dresses from me. This one is fun! I love it!
These three items are for my granddaughter. I am going to visit in two weeks and I wanted to find something to take to her. All of these are in new/unused condition. The Sesame Street paint book will be fun for her artistic side. The little dress picture holder is for pictures of Kara and Grandma Judy! The little book is for Kara to draw in or write her alphabet in. I know she will love these!

My grandson is getting three trucks for the sandbox and a train made of wood that belonged to his daddy when he was a boy. I know Ryan will love the train -- he is a train junkie!! I am going to ship all of these before I leave so they arrive shortly before I do. Then we can open the box together! Sound like fun??


Lindsey Michaelree said...

I love the Reader Digest book covers, so pretty! The dress is just darling too! What great finds, I got to start hitting the stores you go to!

Judy said...

Several people tell me they need to follow me shopping!

JWood said...

vintage dresses, what a great idea! have you seriously considered fashion design? i think that would be too fun!

keep shopping, keep blogging, see you at the atc exchange on friday!

Sweet Sage said...

THREE HOURS?!!! Oh, my! Such FUN, you musn't stop! The books are awesome .. I just may be visiting your boothe!