Friday, March 21, 2008

Notice anything different??

I had the most wonderful, creative and informative time with Mike Putman today! Today was the one-on-one part of the class I took from him last Tuesday evening about blogging. WOW!! My brain is fogged right now, but I am so anxious to try some of the things he showed me today on the computer!! Mike brought his computer to Mystic Paper and we sat at a table scanning, editing, uploading, and making my blog just so much better!!

I LOVE the new banner!! It is a real variation on an ATC I had made a long time ago. Mike clicked around in PhotoShop and produced the banner, with my final approval. I was dazzled!!
Mike took me through a new photo editing program. I am signed up for it and will begin to edit my photos with in the future.

See the picture on my profile? That is me at about 4 years old. Blue eyes and blonde, curly hair. Now my hair is reddish, highlighted, still curly, still have the blue eyes, but am much older. I looked better then!

Hear anything?? I also added music. Right now it is a combo of things I love -- the quiet of Robert Mirabel and Carlos Nakai, folk music of John Denver, and Dido. I love it all!!

OK, what do you think??


Chia said...

I love the new look Judy!

M said...

Hi Judy!

Wow! Can't wait to see Mike tomorrow and see what we come up with. Your new banner is all you. FUN!

the non-lurker, lol

Sweet Sage said...

Looks FABULOUS, Judy! So nice to run into you again at class! You are now an icon on my desktop!

JWood said...

I like the banner! Nice job! I just LOVED 'winged things'! I find myself suddenly in Austin, but reading everyone's blogs still makes me feel connected... I found the CUTEST 'fairy angel' at an antique store this week, of course I just HAD to have it! The problem will be how many carry on's can I take?!? Lol...

Judy said...

Thanks Ladies!! I am really happy with the banner. Mike makes it look easy! It will be some time before I reach that level, but I am headed in that direction!

Kim and Marissa -- be sure to let me know your blogs so I can put them on my list!

Hugs to all!!

Lindsey Michaelree said...

Judy the new blog looks great!I love what you guys have done and I absolutley love your picture!

M said...

Whoo hoo! My blog's up and running. Posted for the first time this evening. Forgot to ask what one usually writes on the first post...
I love my banner. Michael helped make two. Here's my address-


Arcadia Living said...

Hi Judy: Love the new look - you did a great job. Wasn't Mike's class great? Sandy and I just had our one on one with him. Check out our "new looks" too (Although mine features more photography...)

Power to the bloggers! - Patty