Monday, February 4, 2008

Gypsy Soul

Ah! Another mixed media book finished -- almost. Got two more pages to junk up!

This is the cover. Used dark red toile fabric and stitched it to canvas paper and muslin. Don't you love the gypsy jewelry??

Gypsies love to dance, love their finery, love music and tell fortunes. These collages were a lot of fun to do. Lots of layers giving plenty of depth.

A class?? Don't know! Am considering it for submission to Sew Somerset. This class would be a lot of fun. Got a lot of stuff in my stash that lends itself to gypsies.


Sandra Evertson said...

Your book looks fabulous and you're so close to finishing. That always feels good.

Sandra Evertson

Katherine R. Willson said...

What a fantastic book - you should DEFINITELY submit it to Somerset! Looking at all those gorgeous colors and textures make me want to reach through the computer and feel those pages! :) Great job...

Katherine R. Willson
Ann Arbor, MI

Yitte said...

This is really beautiful!!!!! Love your artwork. I follow your work some time nouw. I wish we had a class to make this kind of things here in the netherlands.