Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Where have I been??

Well, last week was devoted to getting my antique booths ready for the sale last weekend. That always means shopping, pricing, fluffing, and moving stuff around. That kept me busy since last Thursday.

However, Sunday was a rainy day. So I stayed home, played with some ideas I have swirling in my head and watched a few old movies.

Here are a few of the things I worked on Sunday and Monday.

I found these white glass jars at Merchant Square. At 60% off, I couldn't resist! I had seen, somewhere, rubons placed on glass jars like this. Thought they looked great. The other two bottles on the back right I have glued images on them. The taller one has actual old papers in it. The short one has a cork in it that is stuck tight.

These are little packets that I am putting together. These contain a vintage postcard, vintage button cards with buttons, two inked and stamped tags, and a stamped key tag all tied together with vintage rayon seam binding. Perhaps these will end up as gifts for those students who take a class from me in the future. Perhaps they will go on an Etsy spot that I am planning. Stay tuned!

One more thing. Please take a look at Sandra Evertson's blog here. She has a fanciful Crow's Cage that she created featured on her latest blog. You won't believe the little creatures she created to put in this cage. Check it out!!

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