Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fine Arts Festival Trip

Yesterday was a lot of fun! A good friend and I headed up north of Phoenix to Cave Creek and Carefree. A fine arts and wine festival is being held there this weekend in the small town of Carefree. There were lots of artists on hand with their work displayed and for sale. It is always fun to see what is available.

However, first things first. Lunch! We had lunch at this wonderful restaurant in Cave Creek. El Encanto. We elected to eat on the open patio. Although it was a cold day, the propane heaters on the patio kept it comfy. The patio overlooked this pond which held a big white goose and several mallards and hens. Fun to watch them paddle around in the pond.
However, the main attraction were these cute sparrows! They are very bold and unafraid. It was amazing how they sat on the backs of the chairs at our table. They even hopped across the end of the table.Guess what! They were waiting for us to leave morsels of the chips served before our lunch was brought out. You can see that they often get fed by the lunch goers! In fact, a small boy at a table behind me actually put whole chips on the table and the little sparrows would fly away with the entire chip and feast with his fellow sparrows away from the tables. Quite fun to watch.I didn't buy anything at the art festival. Most items were too expensive or too over the top for my taste.

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