Thursday, October 18, 2007

Meet Frances Crowley

This picture was taken in April of 1931. This outfit just cracked me up! Why was she dressed like this? Where was she going? Where had she been? Was this haute couture in 1931? The only hint I have is that this was taken at Jacksons Camp, Columbia SC.

After a bit of research (love Wikipedia!) I determined that Camp Jackson (Fort Jackson) was an Army training camp activated during WWI and closed in 1921. It was reactivated during WWII and remains open today as an Entry Training Center for the Army. So, Fort Jackson (Camp Jackson) was closed when this picture was taken.

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Jennifer and Kim said...

You're right! She is a crack up. I'm sure she was dressed to the nines for that era! She probably had all of the young Army boys chasing her around!