Monday, June 25, 2007

Gypsy Girl

I took the Techniques Board class with Mike Putman at Mystic Paper last Saturday afternoon. What fun we all had! Every one (there were 11 of us in the class) of our technique boards was different. Mike has lots of patience, can run a class with everyone working at different paces, and keep it all under control! Marks of a true teacher! We also had a "show and tell" at the end of class. It was amazing to see all the different designs that came out of the class with the same basic supplies.

And, everything was affixed to the board with wax! Wow! I am definitely going to do more work with wax. The only problem is. . . living here in the greater Phoenix area in the summer presents a problem transporting the finished piece home. You CANNOT leave it in your car! If you shop after a class like this, you may find the wax on your car seat and not on your board! I am sure we all zoomed home to make sure our pieces didn't soften.

Great fun! Thanks Mike!!

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Jennifer and Kim said...

Judy, your collage was amazing! Can't wait to see what Mike does in his next class. He is definitely steppin up our creative juices!