Thursday, May 3, 2007

Vintage Paper Weights

Here are two of three vintage glass paperweights I found about a year ago. They were collecting dust until rescued from the shelf and put on the studio desk.
There were no pictures or anything inside of the paperweights, so I decided to add pictures and tiny bits to make them interesting. The tiny bits (bitsy buttons, watch parts, beads, etc.) are loose so that if you shake the paperweight, the bits will move around inside. I love these!!
The new camera arrived yesterday and I am already playing with it. These pictures were taken with the new camera and I was able to get good closeups (my goal when buying the new camera!). Yea! Although, these glass paperweights reflect light and the image inside is hard to see with the reflections, the pictures are still pretty good. Practice makes perfect! More practice is needed!
I made a third paperweight and Kim, at Mystic Paper, bought it on Tuesday when I visited the shop with all three paperweights. If you visit Mystic Paper, ask to see the paperweight. You will love it!

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