Saturday, May 5, 2007

Thrift store storage finds

I need to get better organized! Stuff is everywhere and, although I know where it is, it would be better to get it into storage containers for ease of access and location. So. . .

The hunt for storage containers is on! A recent trip to a thrift store produced these items. The tray is glass (I love the circles!) and is perfect for holding scissors, pens, pencils, glue sticks, markers and bits while working on a project. It can sit on the work surface to catch everything in one place. I am notorious for putting stuff down and then I can't find it because I have covered it up with something else! One place to put everything will, hopefully, eliminate a lot of searching!

The two storage jars are great for ribbons. The left one has ribbons wrapped on wooden clothespins that were also a find at the thrift store. The right one is green glass and will hold the stray pieces of rayon seam binding (I love the seam binding -- so soft and colorful).

Anyone have any other storage ideas or suggestions??

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