Tuesday, May 8, 2007

More reading, more ideas!

I discovered "Somerset Life" on Sunday. I have already read most of it! See my tabs on the right side? All places to come back to and reread. One of the features even gave me an idea for a new class. It is a really nice publication and if you see it, you should pick it up and look at it. Then decide if you think it is as nice! Great pictures, really neat ideas, and made me want to organize my art space even more!

Thus the purchase of this book! I think I will study this and then decide on how best to get more storage space, organization, and work space without spending a small fortune! The book has a questionnaire to fill out to discover your needs in your space. Then it helps you figure out what might work. Also shows nice workspaces that are set up for different types of arts and crafts. Nicely done, and nicely organized! However, it is my feeling that a clean desk is a sign of a sick mind (this was when I worked in the law office). Wonder if that applies here? I just want to stop running between my work space, the garage and the guest bedroom for fabric, ephemera, junk, etc. Will that day ever come? Hope so!!

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