Monday, April 16, 2007

My Yard

My artistic side has taken a short vacation while I recover from a cold that became a sinus infection. Not feeling great has kept me away from my art work. But, I would like to share a few images from my yard.

These are images of my back yard, which I love! The first one is of the saguaro which my husband named "Harry." This year looks like a banner year for blossoms! In the past, the most that ever developed were six blooms. This year is going to be a real show!

The other images are metal wall art that we purchased years ago. Looking at the back of the wall art you can see sticks. A tiny house finch has started a nest behind this wall art. The male was pretty vocal this morning -- chirping away while perched on a patio chair. In fact, I hear him now. I don't believe there are any eggs yet because it is still under construction. But I will keep my eyes open for eggs and then babies.

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